B class modification with E class door warning

  route14 Chief Commissioner

Hi all,
    Vicsig shows that trams 2068 and 2097 have been fitted with E class door-close warning system.  Does that mean increased warning time after the driver moves the switch to "closed"?  Fast door closing is one of the biggest advantages that make the Comeng trams more suitable for the Melbourne network.  (The doors on A1 and B1 classes are marginally slower, but still faster than the sliding doors on low floor trams.)  The doors are fitted with mat switches and rubber edge switches which immediately re-open the involved door when someone is trying to rush through one that's closing, so they are reasonably clear of safety hazards.  (The door protection system on C1 class trams detect the current drawn by each set of door motors.  When an increased current drawn is detected, which means obstruction, the controller momentarily reduces the current supplied to that door to give the involved passenger a chance to remove the obstruction, be it themselves or belongings.  The door doesn't fully reopen until five repeated attempts of the above has been made.  I assume this is consistent with other low floor classes but am happy to be corrected)
    Rules and Procedures state that when a tram is stopped at a safety-zone or platform stop that's placed AT signals, with the tram signal at Stop, the doors shall be kept open until the light cycle before the tram's turns amber.  The increased door warning time is just another bad news for the smooth operation of trams with the delays it may cause by making them missing short tram priority signals.
    I also noticed that tram 2055 has been reactivated, which is a blessing.

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  Heihachi_73 Chief Commissioner

Location: Terminating at Ringwood
2055 has been running since February according to Tram Detective. 2075 is still MIA.

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