Hawkesbury River 1967 trains

  westernline Train Controller

Location: San Onofre California
a few  very short scenes at 3.00 mins

of 46 class hauled commuter train from Gosford to Sydney

and a 4 car U boat crossing the bridge

at 6.06 the passenger wharf next to the station

in this colour film looking at life in the Hawkesbury region


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  Saint James Beginner

Men in suits driving tinnies. Classic!
Thanks for the memories.
  The Vinelander Minister for Railways

Location: Ballan, Victoria on the Ballarat Line
Men in suits driving tinnies. Classic!
Thanks for the memories.
Saint James

And the man in the suit was being chauffeured by a lady, possibly the missus and I'm certain the same thing would happen today over 50 years later.

The absence of hats on young people was a standout, particularly the school kids and the then social acceptability of topless men in social settings which I personally find bordering on offensive these days.

Nice to see the interurban trains at Hawkesbury River station. Which prompts me to make another visit one day...post COVID.

Thanks for posting this yesteryear memory. Smile

  RC6 Station Staff

As a young bloke working on the Gosford electrification. The wiring train was put away at Hawkesbury River until we could get possession for testing of the dropper impedance.  A highlight was the arrival of the armchair equipped 'tinnie' with the resplendently presented commuter in all weathers with perfect timing to make the Sydney interurban.  

Kept the crew jealous for the life style for months.

Keep Safe all!
  RC6 Station Staff

Oops, perhaps a bit sloppy with my terminology describing the commuter heading for an 'interurban' . Everything at Hawkesbury River in those days was loco hauled.  The wiring train usually by a 41 class but often by a standard goods.
  apw5910 Chief Commissioner

Location: Location: Location.
Was that the Krait at 8:30? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_Krait
  Idle Wanderer Locomotive Driver

Yes. Definitely the Krait. There is a very brief sighting of her nameplate in the video.
I think she was operated by the Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol at that time and I think they are Sea Cadets on deck.

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