Vline "BS" Cars and What services they are used on

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Can anyone on this thread tell me what services Vline owned BS Cars numbers 215-219 are regularly used on?

Someone mentioned to me that the 1517 Geelong Pass was one, but can anyone tell me of other services that they make a regular appearance on, as im trying to schedule a ride on them next time im in Melb.



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The following trains are scheduled to have a BS car on them:-

(BS cars are part of the 3Z Ballarat set & VN Sets, with one spare)

BS219, part of set VN12, BS218, part of set VN17 & BS217, part of set VN18, all five Geelong line services each way during the week with the BS car open, these are the:-

0646 South Geelong-Spencer Street,
0653 South Geelong-Spencer Street,
1655 South Geelong-Spencer Street,
1733 South Geelong-Spencer Street,
2115 Geelong-Spencer Street.

1517 Spencer Street-South Geelong,
1607 Spencer Street-South Geelong,
1729 Spencer Street-Geelong,
1920 Spencer Street-South Geelong,
2335 Spencer Street-South Geelong.

(effective September 2004)

A BS Car, BS215, is also marshalled with the 3Z Ballarat set (PCO2-ACZ257-BZ267-BS215
  monday Chief Commissioner

Thanks for that! Looking forward to my S car ride!!!
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A BS Car, BS215, is also marshalled with the 3Z Ballarat set (PCO2-ACZ257-BZ267-BS215

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